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About the Mandir

The Radha Krishna Mandir Amsterdam in particular ensures the transfer of knowledge through Parvachan (lectures), education in Hindi, information for students of primary schools, secondary schools, and also students (MBO, HBO & WO), organizing multi-day prayer services, regular Sunday services and care at home.


The message of these activities is concisely contained in the goal of the Shri Sanatan Dharm Amsterdam Foundation, of which the Radha Krishna Mandir Amsterdam is part, to achieve a spiritual and happy person through the application of the Sanatan Dharma, who will ultimately be included in the afterlife, in the Kingdom of the Creator of life and matter.

Financial responsibility:

* Statement of Income and Expenses: clickhere for 2018

* Statement of Income and Expenses: clickhere for 2019

* Statement of Income and Expenses: clickherefor 2020

* SSDA Annual Accounts: clickherefor 2021


The mandir has weekly Sunday services and public holidays throughout the year. The mandir also provides Ramayan lessons, Hindi lessons and special days for young people.


The mandir space is mainly used for weekly mandir services and public holidays. But if you want to organize a service yourself (one or more day yagh, wedding ritual, etc.), that is also possible. You can contact us for this via the form on thecontact page


The mandir attaches great importance to transferring knowledge and its activities in Dutch society. It is therefore possible to organize information (school visits) by appointment. Send a message via thecontact page.

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